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Casino bonuses are something that almost all players enjoy, and it’s easy to see why: They allow you to begin playing all of your favourite Casino games… for FREE!

What Type Of Bonuses Do Nextgen’s Casinos’ Offer?

While each Casino offers slightly different variations of a casino bonus, most casinos tend to follow one of two bonus structures (and often a combination of both), and below, you’ll see exactly what these bonus structures are:

The Welcome Bonus: A welcome bonus (otherwise known as a first-deposit bonus, or matched deposit offer) is where your first real-money deposit is multiplied by the Casino, often as much as 3-4 times. For instance, one of the most common welcome bonuses is a 100% first-deposit match, and this would mean, if you were to deposit £100, the Casino would give you an additional £100 to play with, bringing your total balance up to £200!

Free Spins: Free spins (while occasionally seen on their own) are usually bundled together with a welcome bonus, and the name says it all; You get free spins!

Some casinos allow you to use the free spins on any video slot game you want, while others only allow you to use them on their features or promotional video slots…

Whatever the case, the free spins are great because you can spin away on all types of video slots, and be in with the chance to win real money, without risking a penny of your own!

How To Claim (And Where)

Claiming one of the Casino bonuses couldn’t be easier, and if you want a lucrative Nextgen Casino bonus, then listen up:

Choose one of the casinos listed below.

All the casinos we review are extremely high-quality, offer FAST payouts to players, and offer a wide selection of Casino games for you to enjoy.

List of Nextgen Casinos with bonus

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As soon as you create a free account at one of the Casino sites above, you’ll be able to make your first deposit, and as soon as this is done, your account will automatically be credited with the relevant bonus.


Whether it’s a free spins package you’re looking for, or just a ‘plan ‘ole’ welcome bonus, you’ll find the best ones below, and in just a few minutes from now, your new Casino account can be filled with FREE money (and free spins!).

Claim YOUR FREE Nextgen Casino bonus Today!