Nextgen Lottery Games

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Nextgen provide a huge range of lottery/scratchcards games to both online casino operators, and private and state owned lottery operators.

Nextgen have ties with some of the biggest lottery companies in the world, and while they may productively be known for their online casino games, they are certainly no amateurs when it comes to lottery and scratchcard games.

What Is An Online Scratchcard?

In short, an online scratchcard, or scratch game as it is often known, features exactly the same as the type of scratchcards you’re probably used to. You simply select which ticket you want to buy, scratch off the winning numbers, and then try to match any of your numbers to win a prize. However, while typically you have to go to the shop and physically by scratchcards, Nextgen are able to take this annoyance completely out of the equation simply by offering online scratchcards.

These online cards allow you to purchase cards at specific prices, and many cards have price points from between £1-£100, letting you play with an amount that’s affordable to you.

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There is also a lot more customisation involved with online scratchcards, and rather than just having a boring and generic scratchpad where you need to reveal numbers, Nextgen are able to provide a dynamic experience by creating moving animations, exciting sounds, and even bonus rounds found within the scratch games themselves!

Types Of Scratch Games

Nextgen provide a huge range of different types of scratch games, including 3X3 Scratchcards, 33X3, Scratch Bingo, Pyramid, Crossword Games, Combination Games, and additional features which includes good surprises, and multipliers.

They also allow you to enjoy a variety of Keno games, which act sort of in between Keno and traditional scratch games!

Why Online?

Many players often ask what the benefits to playing scratch games online, and to be honest, there are a lot.

First of all, you can find cards that fit your price range perfectly, so you don’t end up spending more than you need to.

Second, the cards are all instant buy, and of course – any money you manage to earn, goes straight back into your online account, meaning you don’t have to go to the store to collect your winnings.

Plus, online scratch games typically tend to pay out more than shop bought cards, simply down to the higher number of players enjoying them.

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