Nextgen Probability Games

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We ALL love a game of luck, whether it be a good game of cards at the pub, or the occasional EuroMillions tickets…

We just can’t get away from it, and who can blame you – it’s fun!

The thrill of winning money never gets old, and chances are, if you’re on this site, you’ll know all about that!

You’ve also probably heard of Nextgen games – they’re one of the largest providers of Casino software in the world, and they provide Casino software to hundreds of online casinos!

What you probably don’t know, is that while they’re famed for their high-quality Casino and video-slot titles, they also develop a fantastic selection of probability games, and these can be great fun to play (while offering potentially BIG payouts!).

So… What Is A Probability Game?

In short, a probability game is one that relies on fixed-odds. Sure, many Casino games rely on fixed odds, but probability games are sorted into a different category.

They’re short, sharp, and simple games, and they’re the equivalent of flipping a coin.

While you probably won’t get rich from playing one, they’re great to pass a few minutes or use up some loose change, and decent wins CAN be found… just don’t expect it all the time.

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Nextgen Probability Games

Nextgen currently offer seven probability games for you to enjoy, including Hunt, Penalty Shoot, Dice, Queen of Hearts, Yahtzee, Pyramid, and the Double or Nothing feature.

All the games are quick to run, can be enjoyed from both desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices…

And they’re really easy to pick up!

Plus, you can stake from as little as £0.10 per game, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you just want a quick browse, or whether you want to play seriously…

Players on all budgets can enjoy a game suitable for them, and it’s really easy to get started!

How To Play Nextgen Probability Games

Getting started is easy; and there’s two ways. The long way, is to find a Casino site that offers the games… make sure their sign-up bonus is as lucrative as possible… And then create an account and begin playing…

You can simply click the button below, to be taken directly to the Casino currently running the best promotion. It changes each day, and we constantly monitor hundreds of online gaming rooms to make sure you’re getting the best new-player welcome bonuses possible…

So; if YOU want to enjoy one of the high-quality Nextgen probability games… just click here, and start your journey towards (hopefully) getting lucky!

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