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How about getting into some fantasy during one rainy afternoon? Unicorn Legend slot takes you on a journey deep into a thick forest in an attempt to lay your eyes on the legendary creature. This slot is all about fantasy, but in addition to this, it has some a nice bonus which might see you go home with interesting wins.

The slot has five reels, three rows and up to twenty five play-lines. The settings of the reels are against the backdrop of blurry tall trees and the beautiful purple sky. On the background, you will see the twinkling of stars as well as small fairy leaves as they leave their train when the move from one end to another.

The low value symbols used include the standard card symbols of J, K, Q, A, 9, and 10. The high value symbols on the other hand include an owl, an exotic looking flower, a blonde fairy, and a fairytale castle. The scatter symbol is represented by an ornate Celtic while the wild symbol is the wild-maned unicorn.

slots bonus

Game Features

If you had expected to find lots of features in this game, then you will be disappointed, since there is only one feature game – Free Spins. To activate this feature though, you will have to land the unicorn the second, third and fourth reels. When that happens, you will be presented with the choices listed below:

20 free spins with multipliers between 2X and 4X

15 free spins with multipliers between 4X and 6X

10 free spins with multipliers between 6X and 12X

Unicorn Legend Mobile Slot Review

Unicorn Legend has a mobile version which gives players with mobile devices the convenience to access the game at any place and time, provided that they have access to the internet. It is however sad to note that the mobile game experience is not the best at all. To begin with, the display is greatly distorted as the images and the graphics can’t be rendered properly. This in turn hampers the overall playing experience and deprives the player from enjoying the slot. Again, the slot is rather slow when accessed using the mobile devices. This also greatly compromises the overall playing experience since there is no gamer who is patient enough to wait for game to load forever. Though it is available on mobile devices, the experience is very poor and it is recommended you play it on computers or desktops, unless you can’t avoid.

Pros: Has a bonus game, though not the very best one; Slightly addictive, but with very slow payouts during the base game.

Cons: The graphics and the display are not of good quality; Horrible rendition on mobile devices; No gamble feature for players to triple or quadruple their wins; Loads very slowly when accessed over the mobile devices; Has only one feature game and this is discouraging to many people.