Top 10 Nextgen Slots

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extgen is one of the oldest Casino software providers in the world, and founded back in 1999, they have almost two decades of experience designing high-quality Casino games!

Their video slot range however, is what they’re most known for, and they have produced thousands of titles, helping players to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience.

Here’s a list of their top 10 slot machine games that are available to play in our website.

1Butterflies Slots – A Story offers you the chance to enjoy gaming in a high-quality animated, 3D atmosphere. The game is very soothing, relaxing on the eyes, and the butterflies are almost cute; just don’t get too close!

2Green Lantern Slots – One of Nextgen’s trademark titles, Green Lantern was the result of years of negotiations with filmmakers and publishing companies. After a long time, Nextgen were able to acquire rights to the films official slot, and the game features fantastic bonus features and lucrative in-game rounds to help pitch this at number two in the list!

3Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Slots – This game is included in the list due to its fantastic bonus rounds, following, as you probably guessed; Robin Hood Prince of Tweets! The slot interface is very clean, and you can easily select how many lines you wish to play, as well as adapting your stake, so this is a winner in our books!

4Ferris Bueller's Day Off Slots – No top 10 slot list would be complete without a diamond/slot variation, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off is Nextgen’s submission! Fun, exciting, and rewarding, this is game you do not want to miss.

5Irish Eyes 2 Slots – One of Nextgen’s least well-known titles, this is included in the list because the animations and audio soundtracks make playing a truly pleasurable experience.

6Jack’s Beanstalk Slots – Not to be confused with the other popular slot title, Jack’s Beanstalk allows you to play alongside one of your favourite children’s characters, as you attempt to steal treasure from the giants (and put it into your pocket!)

7Medusa Slots – Arguably one of Nextgen’s most successful video slot titles, Medusa (and its post-successor; Medusa 2 – offer some of the biggest payouts around, although the bonus feature isn’t as exciting as other games.

8Merlin Millions Slots – Merlin Millions (and later Merlin Magic Respins) grew to fame thanks to Coral Bookmakers featuring it in their shops. In this game, you’ll. Play alongside the Magician as you try to conjure up vast fortunes!

9The Spin Lab Slots – Fun, exciting, and very ‘out there’, Monster Wins is something pretty different, and you’ll find yourself in for quite an experience while playing!

10Wild West Slots – The good old ‘Smith ‘n Western’ classic, Wild West incorporates old American cowboys with modern day graphics to create a unique and pleasant slot experience.

Make sure you check them out; you can see the best casinos to play them listed here, so make sure to check them out today!

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